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Everything We Know About 2019 Ford Ranger

Everything We Know About 2019 Ford Ranger

2019 Ford Ranger
Ford Ranger is a compact pickup truck of Ford Motor Company which is designed and engineered for all environments including the trail, up the mountain, and more. The company is bringing back the Ford Ranger to its vehicle lineup in 2019. Ford Ranger is considered as the current king of the ‘lifestyle ute’ segment. With all great things on the current Ford Ranger, it is expected for the new Ford Ranger to be the midsize pickup drivers has been waiting for with all of its upgraded specs, performance, interior, exterior, and all updates to make this new pickup much better. As one of the most anticipated vehicle, we believe that we are all so curious to see a leak of this new vehicle. Since the company is still working on it, we are here to present everything we know about 2019 Ford Ranger for you. Hopefully, it can help you hold your curiosity about this upcoming mid-sizer.
The return of this mid-size Ford Pickup as one of the company’s vehicles lineup has been anticipated by many auto enthusiasts. The current Ford Ranger is now available in about everywhere. The new release Ranger is expected to change in response to the strong-selling GMC Canyon. Based on some reports, the new Ford Ranger will also spawn a new Ford Bronco SUV, which is speculated to offer some competition to the Jeep Wrangler. The new Ranger is expected to arrive in 2020 with a starting price around $30,000. 

What to expect from the new Ford Ranger?

2019 Ford Ranger will use the same body-on-frame construction as the current truck sold elsewhere in every country. Ford Ranger is only slightly smaller than its big brother, GM’s mid-sizer with a longer crew cab than a base F-150. For the powertrain of the new Ranger, the only engine currently offered in the global Ranger that would likely arrive at the American market is the one with a 3.2-liter five-cylinder diesel. The ranger will be available in the full-size Transit van and could help the Ford Ranger take away the little of ‘most efficient pickup.’ The new Ranger is also expected to have an EcoBoost four-cylinder as well as a naturally aspirated gas V-6 for the US lineup. The last, it is also hoped to arrive with a diesel Bronco that sounds pretty good for the new Ranger.

Possible Release Date of 2019 Ford Ranger

The anticipation of the 2019 Ford Ranger as the next generation of the current Ford mid-sizer pickup, is getting more intense. As it is announced by the company at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show, the next generation midsize pickup truck is anticipated by some Ford enthusiasts with all expected new upgrades. Although we don’t have much to say about the details and specification of this new Ranger, we are pegging this new Ranger as a 2019 model-year truck. So far, we don’t get certain information about what is under the hood. It will be our concern to always update our information along with the latest news and updates about the new Ranger. For now, it is likely we will see a small-displacement EcoBoost (turbocharged) gasoline engine on the new Ranger. Some rumors also give us a clue that the next generation will offer a turbo-diesel engine option.
A prototype of new Ranger was caught in a testing session in public highway. From the captured prototype, we can see the shape and fitment of the body panels fairly clear although it is wearing a more revealing camouflage. From the prototype, we can see that the front appears very similar to the current generation of the Ford Ranger. Based on the present report, we heard that the new Ranger is claimed will have a front-end appearance that will make it different from the current Ranger. Well, let’s see what will we get on the launch of the all-new 2019 Ranger. It will be so exciting to see everything about it, from its stretch-the-boundaries technology to its built Ford tough capability.
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Top Ten Tips DIY Car Care

Now, there are many sources to help us keeping our vehicle running great, lasting a long time, and looking good with ease. They are telling us step by step of every detail we need to do to keep our car or truck running forever and looking like a brand new one for years. If we watch some advertisement on TV about how to keep your vehicle running forever in the best performance, you just need to pour some bottles of magical liquid into the crankcase, put some sprinkle magic dust on the paint, or just spray some sort of ionized wonder water on the car’s interior. Sadly, this is too good to be true. We can’t get any happy ending just by following this magical tricks to maintain our vehicle. You’d need to do the real thing like following the top ten tips DIY car care we want to share about to ensure that your car is always in its best condition and looking good as you want.

True steps of the tricks

Instead of taking miracle cures, mystery polymers, magic fairy dust and the like which are all only good for infomercials, we need to follow the regular, proper care and maintenance to keep the vehicles going into the high six-figure mileage ranges. What you car needs is a regularly scheduled maintenance and lubricant using the recommended type and formulation of oil from the manufacturers. That is what we need along with the grease and liquids to do the real trick. Doing such standard wear-and-tear parts replacement like timing belts before they are broken is also another right thing to do on the road to get long vehicle life. Just by taking good care of the car can make a big difference between being the proud owner of a long lasting, good looking, reliable machine, and leave behind the rusty, faded-paint lemon that fell apart or broke down long before it was meant to be.

We need to be sure that there’s no magical secret to getting a car to last a long time. We don’t need to wonder about somebody with an older, high-mileage vehicle that keeps on running year after year in the best look and performance. The difference comes from the maintenance, where the regular fluid checks and an almost pious dedication to regularly scheduled lubrication is the key to keep the powertrain going strong. Read and follow the manufacturer’s recommendation of what kind of oil, grease, and brake fluid used when it is changed to really taking care of your vehicle. There’s nothing can do with the best oil in the world for your engine if you never change it. If you want to keep the car looking good as you always wish to, cleaning and protecting the finishes of the inside and out of it is what you need to do. Plastic, paint, leather, and fabric need your help to survive the constant assault of sun and elements. And below, we have listed some handy trick you can do it by yourself for keeping your car in the top shape.

1. Regularly check and change the oil
Create a schedule and stick to it to check and change the oil with the fresh one to help your engine last longer. Neglecting your car’s oil-level checks will destroy the engine faster.

2. Maintain the cooling system
Just like changing the oil, you need to regularly flush the cooling system and change coolant once a year. With a 50/50 mix of the coolant and a distilled water will help keep the cooling system always in good shape and prevent any possible corrosion and deposits from building up inside of this part.

3. Take care of its transmission
Don’t forget to change out the transmission and differential oils. Follow the service intervals to change these fluids using the transmission fluid and gear oil of the recommended type and viscosity.

4. Keep it clean
Make sure to keep your vehicle clean by washing it thoroughly, even into the hidden parts of your car. Don’t miss any part, especially after having a terrible driving path to prevent anything stuck to the underside.

5. Lubrication for every moving part
Every moving part of the car needs grease to survive. You need to give it the right lube to prevent the ball joint went into an early retirement.

6. Quality wax for good-looking paint
For real, there’s nothing can keep the color looking good and protected like a coat of good-quality wax. That’s why you should remember to apply wax at least every six months.

7. Pay attention to the driveline components
The driveline components of your car also need regular lubrication. You may need to remove the driveline to access the zerk grease fitting.

8. Protect the plastic and vinyl
If you want to protect the interior plastic and vinyl from drying out, always park your car in the shade, or use a window deflector screen, and apply a UV protectant.

9. Inspect, clean and repack the wheel bearings
Remember to inspect, clean and repack wheel bearings regularly with wheel bearing grease based on the service intervals.

10. Replace fluid and bleed system once a year
Brake fluid of a car is hygroscopic. It means that it is adept at attracting moisture. As we know, moisture causes components to corrode and fail. That’s why we need to replace fluid and bleed the system at least once a year. Brake fluid is quite cheap, while calipers, hoses, and sensors are expensive.
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