Simple ways of keeping people updated using Twitter Polls

News 10:06 June 2024:

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What is the craze about Twitter Polls?  Like the name suggests it is a poll where people give their opinion about a particular subject or question.  It is usually short and comes with a 24 hour lifeline.  Anyone can participate in the survey it is not limited to only those one your team.  It is not always easy to find an easy audience like you can do in Twitter.  One thing poll creators appreciate is the large number of audience on the platform that on more often than not are willing to participate in the polls.

To make a poll interesting, a little planning should be put in place.  Firstly, get a catchy heading that will draw your participants to the survey.  The reason why most people participate willing is because there are normally no public records regarding voters, the only information a voter has at the end are the overall results, which normally come through a notification.  People prefer the polling way because it is open and a user can create a poll on any subject ranging from political matters to sports, what his or her preference will be.   Secondly, it is important to share the result upon completion and know which team won.

A Twitter Polls is quite engaging when used correctly. Do not make it long.  Simply decide on the best way to go about it.   It is a simple tool yet very effective.  As a brand when faced with two options and is unable to make a decision, why not create a poll and hear what users are saying.  It will be an easier way of making a decision than having to ask each one of them individually.   Customers will be more than willing to participate in a matter that affects them and before you know it, you will have the results in your hands.

If you have ever wanted to get information from people’s head and have never known how to go about it, there is no other easier way than polling them.  It is easy to create; it is free and only takes a short time to complete.  People fear surveys of any kind because they are normally long in nature.  But polls by nature are supposed to be short, precise and quite engaging.  Depending on your preference you can choose to make it short or spread the poll for a longer period.  Any poll ranges from 5 minutes to 7 days.

But generally most people prefer the Twitter Polls to have a 24 hour timeline, the shorter the better.  Now back to our question, what is the craze about polling on Twitter?  It is in essence an easier and less effective way of getting fast hand information from Twitter audiences.  Next time you are grappling with a matter and have no idea of handling the same, simply create a poll and availed answers will even surprise you.  It is one easier and effective way of reaching your customers and audience regarding a particular product and seeking their preference before making any official launch. 

Why you need to use twitter polls


Twitter has been become integrated into our daily lives, such that about 80% of all businesses around the globe have a twitter account. The engagements created on twitter are both beneficial for business growths as well as persons interested in seeing their popularity grow on twitter.


Twitter polls is a unique feature that twitter introduced back in 2015 that is awesome and works miracles in creating new leads and increasing the rate of engagement.


However, many have been ignoring it, probably due to lack of enough insight on how it works or just not interested in trying out a new thing.


Read on to understand how twitter polls can help you improve the engagement rates as well as get new leads without much struggle.


Connect with your audience in a different way


Social media marketing is dynamic and new ways to interact are being developed daily. Twitter polls are among the most recent method of increasing interaction. Away from the normal way that people interact on twitter, which is posting content that followers will like, retweet, or favorite. Twitter polls allow followers to express their opinion through answering questions asked in the poll.


Participants feel valued by the person or brand that has introduced the poll. They feel that they have been given a chance to socialize in between themselves. This is important as it brings back the original purpose of twitter, which is socialization back to life.

Remember that most of twitter users are there to have fan through reading interesting materials, check on what is trending, and participate in conversations. Twitter polls is the best way to let your followers engage with you in a fan way.


Helps you understand your audience

There is no a better way of understanding your followers than introducing a twitter poll. Imagine how boring it can be to your followers if you keep on posting content that they cannot relate with.


Twitter poll helps you gage their interest, according to their reply. The pole can feature almost anything. You ask your followers what type of content they would like you to share. If you sale smartphones, you can ask your followers which feature in their phones they would like to improve.

Such kind of conversation helps you understand your followers and what they expect from you.

It’s a research method

You don’t have to employ expensive methods to conduct a business research when interested in understanding the opinion of your audience. Introducing a simple poll will give you an insight on the opinion of your audience. For instance, a chain store that wants to introduce a new branch in a different location may introduce a poll asking their audience to give their opinion. Though the polls cannot be depended entirely for major business decision making, they however can give you a rough idea on the general opinion.

Although twitter polls hold great potential of influencing new traffic and increasing engagement, they are nevertheless underutilized. Coming up with creative ways to use this feature will make your twitter account shine and stand out among the rest due to the uniqueness of this feature.